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(LT578H) Hand sanitizer


(SA226H) Liquid and Spray for surface


(AL471H) Wipes

Novel Formulation:

ZAYMEX™ is a combined formulation of Active Ingredients including a nonmaterial agent and a natural non-alcoholic or non-ammonium nor a chlorine basis in addition to the new Zwitterionic surfactant and buffering agent as well as a preservative and stabilizer dissolved in DIW reagent. Adding a specific Toner and other organic aromatic into the solvent will improve the characteristics of ZAYMEX™. This novel formulation significantly modifies the liquid properties into the best Chemistry, Concentration, Contact Time and Coverage.

Organic Green Technology:

ZAYMEX™ bio-degradable and organic formulation and its packaging will be one the best eco-friendly products. Based on formulation ZAYMEX™ will cover the most recycling raw materials and resources. By measuring Environmentally Weighted Material Consumption (EMC) indicator and Sustainable Process Index (SPI) ZAYMEX™ will serve the green technology. By adding essential aromatic oil and naturopathic fragrant ZAYMEX™ will have a unique characteristic. By means of 100% pure crafted blends of first in class Canadian marijuana Canopy® Oil we will value the ZAYMEX™. The novel formulation based on the neuter buffer pH=7.6 and solution solvent makes ZAYMEX™ best compatibility with the skin and guarantee minimum skin adverse reaction and dermatitis or irritation.


A renowned Nano-substance performs as a mesh and synergizes with the Active Ingredient (AI) to provide a dynamic feature for ZAYMEX™. These reactions accelerate the entrapment of microorganisms and empower the disinfecting capability and efficacy. Nano-substance AI and Surfactant/Toner Fluid Technology let the ZAYMEX™ preserve the coverage of 70% after 1hrs application. In order to bridge the gap on the surfaces, we are using colorized Highlight® technology as well.

The average Contact Time for the products in the market is now 3-5 minutes and especially after COVID-19 it is essential to make it the less than a minute. By means of ionic-cationic AI and very fast catalysis ZAYMEX™ will activate the decontamination force in 0.5 minute. By means of a Stabilizer and Preservative reaction with AIs ZAYMEX™ will persist more than 7 days with 1cc/m2 after initial application. Taking into account that the pandemic lock down will aggregate the trend. ZAYMEX™ as a Bactericide can kill the most common germs like Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeroginosa as well as the most resistant one like Neisseria Gonorrhea and Salmonella. Also, as a Virucide can denature the common Adenovirus and Influenza up to Rotavirus as well as the deadliest Ebola and SARS-CoV-2 including different sub-types. It can act as a Fungicide and deactivate yeasts and molds from Zycomycota up to Chytrids.